Friday, September 24, 2010

USA Madness


in the quest
for peace?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Final Solution to the Palestinian Problem

The Palestinian problem has been an enormous thorn in the relations between Israel and the greater world. This has prevented a capable Western style government from bringing the full fruits of its democracy to the Middle East. With the constant niggling and debate of Rights, it is time for Israel to assert its full historic claim to the absolute and final occupation of Greater Israel, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, to Lebanon, and south to Sinai. We can stop the illusion and fantasy of a Palestinian state in the West Bank. Historically, this land was Israel, with stretches of time occupied by every power in the region. Though we had a period of Diaspora and left the area for two thousand years, does it matter whether it was two days or two thousand years? Of course not. It is now time to fully reclaim this land and come to a final solution to the Palestinian problem. The moral clarity of this solution will shatter any sentimental notions
Though one can object to some “final solutions” previously set forth, they did have their merits. Ironically, Germany’s final solution allowed for the creation of the state of Israel, and Adolph Hitler may have inadvertently done more for Jews than Herzog. Israel needs to stop depending on the United States for 3 billion dollars annually and stop spending 45% of its GNP on its military. We need to use this money to really bring back the garden of Eden. Before the creation of the state of Israel, the area was made up of farms, fishing enterprises, and minor industries, a society that lived for generations tending the land. It was only when Israel took over the so called Palestinian farms and made them into modern agribusiness, created arms industries and one of the worlds largest armies, and, yes, created a very capable nuclear weapons system, that a true transformation was possible. It’s time to rip off the veil of this illusion. Israel has the most powerful army in the Middle East, and the sooner it addresses the necessary and, albeit politically awkward, public relations problem of the Palestinians, the sooner we can get on with fulfilling the prophecies, that is the prophecies were whispered in the ear of Jews directly from the mouth of God some four thousand years ago.
Gaza can be a beautiful beach-front resort once Israel relocates Hamas to Somalia or Sudan. The Zionist homeland has worked diligently to get the world to see that this so-called home for Palestinians is in reality a terrorist organization and that all of our actions to wipe out this scourge are a blessing for Israel and all peace loving democracies. Not all Gazans need to leave. There are many positions available in the service industry where we will need man-power, but we must maintain absolute fealty to the fatherland -- Israel. Between the genius of Israelis and the labor of loyal Palestinians is a perfect solution.
All Palestinians who choose not to become citizens of Israel, (not full citizenship, of course, since full citizenship requires conversion to Judaism, but a limited citizenship in the way that Black Jews and other Palestinians have been incorporated into Israeli), would be shown the door to Jordan. In the way that the US uses illegal aliens, Israel needs people to work the farms, wait on tables, and perform necessary manual labor. Of course, as with the talented tenth, the extraordinary Palestinians who accept the notion of an Uber Israeli Jewish state can be part of the great Zionist state. After all, most Muslims in the region were Jews forcibly converted to that Mohamed or Christian thing. Those who choose not to participate in this great democracy will be removed to Jordan which is already sixty percent Palestinian. This would also provide a great opportunity for the people who claim displacement in Lebanon to reunite with their families, and that would solve the Right of Return. Our vision of a pure homeland that allows for democracy and security to flourish in the context of a Jewish state is a logical conclusion, wouldn’t you agree?
Though the removal will initially be traumatic, the final solution in greater Israel will allow for unprecedented opportunities for Palestinians in Jordan or other countries in the Middle East. Consider the preposterous notion of Palestinians having their own fully functioning, independent state in the West Bank and Gaza. Do we want the two-state solution of Palestine and Israel, or shall we create an Uber Israeli-Jewish state? The choice is clear.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

B 4 Peace 18 September Washington D.C.

B 4 Peace - Yom Kippur - The day of atonement. I do believe we, the older generation have failed the young generation that has marched off to war. As a 56 year old veteran of the vietnam generation I find it beyond comprehension for any of us who remembers the insanity beyond words of that travesty, that anyone of us would condone this ongoing militarism. Militarism is destroying the United States, it is killing the future of this country, its is robbing the tomorrow of the next generation.

As General Eisenhower said,
Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
This world in arms in not spending money alone.
It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.
The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities.
It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population.
It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals.
It is some 50 miles of concrete highway.
We pay for a single fighter with a half million bushels of wheat.
We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people.
This, I repeat, is the best way of life to be found on the road the world has been taking.
This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.

Our 5 star general and he also made another wonderful point, we cannot dictate ideology to another.

But it is not about the grand old USA, these folks, these people who run the General Electrics, and all the other companies are holding the USA as hostages. With their henchmen in the heist, disguised as standard bearers for the flag, they are looting the future of America. The lobbyists are the inglorious pimps for these military corporations as they scream "Fear!" "Kill the terrorists!...and... By the way, also write us a check for a few billion dollars.
The US we guesstimate spends up to 25% of its GNP on combined military, homeland insecurity, NASA, Department of Energy, and a myriad of military appropriations that would take a team of Sherlock Holmes and Scotland Yard a century to uncover.

We start the B 4 Peace we hope that it will inspire others to call out the names of the young men and women killed in these wars. More importantly, every voice, no matter how small and apparently insignificant that speaks against war and for peace, every voice and person who is insistent that the future of the USA is not as a military empire. My vision of the USA is one where we can be both PRO-PEACE and PRO-AMERICA, and PRO-Life for the future of the planet.

It is long past time to invest in the USA, while China is having a grand time making incredible economic gains with a fraction of the money spent for their military, the US is spending itself into bankruptcy. Bring the soldiers home! Invest in a green peaceful USA! If we declare way on anything - Let us declare war on poverty! Let us say it is immoral for an US American not to have a home. Every child who can and is able to go to school or college can afford to.
It is time to really invest in the future of America. The one way to do this, is to be for PEACE. Join us in prayer, spirit, or your presence on September 18 at 12 noon

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art, Internet Technology, and Entrepreneurship

Internet technology has revolutionized how I work and create as an artist/ writer, peace activist, and entrepreneur. It doesn’t replace the creative process, but enhances it and enables me to reach a broader audience and market.
My internet technology includes my i-phone, computers, recording equipment, and the world of my internet support team. I have always admired the atelier (workshop) model for artists, where a lead artist has a creative team that works with him or her. The internet and the technology has enabled me to create a virtual atelier.
I have a team of part time workers that I only interact with via the internet. I have an administrative assistant and a web admin person in the Philippines, one short term assistant who is editing videos from a recent play, one SEO (Search engine optimization) person in Bangladesh, short term CAD designer in Italy who is from India who is translating my drawings of a Peace Garden Fountain to a CAD and engineering drawings, a telephone transcriptionist from Jamaica who transcribes my voice memos, a writing editor in Texas, and an audio person in Florida who is engineering my new CDs. Depending on my needs and the work flow, I can utilize these people as little or as much as I need. They have the choice to work on multiple assignments around the world and they set their own price. When I need photos edited there is a specialist in the Czech Republic who does this for me quickly. Today, I needed an additional staff person to assist with a Peace project in Washington D.C., I posted the job at 8:30, and at 9:30, a person with a terrific resume and long experience in this applied for the job, at 9:40, I hired the person for a week.
My virtual assistant world is at O Desk, where I can find the employees I need. More importantly, it gives me the time and the privacy to write and create using this group of very talented employees. By using this pool of workers, I can increase my creative time and effectiveness. I live most of the year in southern Vermont where the high-speed internet access is erratic. I wish that the authorities in Vermont recognized that internet access is not just "an interesting new fangled thing,” but an essential tool for work.
This current project "B4 Peace” I have SEO (Search engine optimization) people who are creating a social media, viral and twitter campaign. I use the team to manage and assist with our various community development projects like When I went to Haiti for medical work my "virtual assistant" helped to coordinate many aspects of the trip. However, even for me, the technology can be a bit bizarre. This morning I went on the computer and my assistant in the Philippines was on my computer transferring files. It’s as if she was sitting at my desk instead of 5,000 miles a way. I am also able to reach out more effectively to a broader audience. It is the ultimate democracy of the marketplace. I publish my books directly on the internet at; E- books can be downloaded directly from my website; combined E-Book with photos, audio, and music Vermont My Home on Blue Heron Pond (pending); and a series of CDs without the hassle and ecological waste of CDS. It is far easier for someone to click a button and download songs, stories and music to the web with an MP3, and if they want the nice pictures and lyrics, we include them. The artwork like the Vermont My Home series we have as “physical copies,” but we’re working on downloading the “virtual art,” however, people can still purchase the pictures.
I plan and continue to use the internet in a variety of ways and see the internet and the social media marketing not solely as a tool to promote my art, but as “art” unto itself. In the project called “Pornography of War,” it is in a virtual museum tour of my artwork against war, videos, and performances. It is enormously difficult to get new and controversial works out, but with a relatively modest budget, the internet provides an opportunity to interact and engage with a very broad audience. More importantly, it provides a way for audiences and galleries around the world to see my work. My play “Beatnik CafĂ©,” is very expensive to produce and promote it, and what makes a far more cost effective way is to record it in a video studio, edit it, and then have it for view on the internet on a high quality site for the admission price of say $2. Again, the internet, like any technology can inspire us to think more creatively and to reach a wider audience. Live performances are ideal and will always be the preferred way to see a show, but the internet, wisely used can help us to achieve a broad market.
Some people have complained that I’m using cheap offshore labor, but as one assistant said, "I love working for you, I live away from the capital, and there isn't enough work for me as a programmer, but I can work remotely at home, for an excellent salary.” Though I do have profound concerns about all the cheap manufacturing abroad, as many other things in life, it is the wise and judicious use of resources. When I can, I use and work with my local workers, but the pool of talent is not always available; nevertheless, my Vermont Art Projects are produced and made in Vermont
The key is not to have the technology overwhelm my creative work, but to complement it and magnify it. Skype enables me to talk and have a video conference with employees in the Philippines, talk to my music director for a show and play music in real time during the call, plan a community development project with a colleague in the Dominican Republic, and even taking a guitar lesson from a teacher in England.
My new novel "Jubilation" I recorded the book on my I-phone for about 6 hours a day for two weeks, uploaded it to the computer, and then a program automatically changed it to written text. Unfortunately, the technology is a bit behind the curve on this, and my I-phone only uploaded 75 percent of the files. Nevertheless, I was able to send those files to my transcriptionists in Jamaica and the Philippines, and in a few days, a completed document arrived at my inbox. The creative process is intact and the same, but the means to get the novel written was done in a fraction of the time, and I was able to focus my energy on editing and rewrites.
This whole realm of technology is a phenomenal leap in all the ways that I work and create, it doesn't make my creativity any better, it just makes it far easier, and gives me more time to focus on creativity, and doing what I do best writing/ art.
Despite the technology, I love the care and the craft of what I do as an artist and poet. I love the privacy and joy of writing a poem with pen and ink. I thoroughly delight in working with my pastels and pencils, and working on a drawing or design. In all the technology we have, there is still the powerful necessary instinct for me to create directly, and explore the universe of potential in a blank sheet of paper. If I am creating a sculpture I want my hands to feel all the dimensions of this sculpture. If I am performing as a storyteller or performance artist I want the live audience. The internet helps me to make that connection with as wide of an audience as possible.
The internet technology for this artist and writer has opened a new world of possibilities and audience connection, and used wisely can be a marvelous ally. Nevertheless, while I like and well use the technology, I will always value the intimacy and art of a blank sheet of paper and a pen. As a musician, I want to feel the wood and steel of my classical guitar, and yet I still enjoy my electronic piano. However, it is empowering when I’ve finished a drawing, I can scan it to my website and publish it after I’m done, or having written this blog entry and now anyone can read it.
The internet can be a powerful took, used for immense creativity and social change, it can also be a tool for destructive ends, but I use this tool with great care, and I'm constantly discovering the powerful and creative uses of the internet and technology.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peace Arts Education Volunteers Needed

Job & PROJECT Description
Peace Arts Education Volunteers/ Work Study Students
Department: NPI 4 Peace
Number of Positions: up to 4

Job Title: Peace Arts Education Project
Hours per Week: 40 plus


B4peace at Namaya Productions is the creative laboratory for Peace Arts and Education Projects.

Project Description and Job Duties/Responsibilities:

Peace Arts Education Volunteers/ Work Study Students

Namaya Productions Inc. (NPI)

Namaya Productions is the home base for the jazz poet, multimedia
artist, and peace activist Namaya Revenues from Namaya productions supports not-for-profit grass roots community development organization and peace education projects. Grace Cares is a 5013C not-for-profit.

NPI is looking for volunteers/ work study students who have a passion for
peace and social justice, and art/ multimedia work. We are accepting
applications from students and their work study programs, and volunteers.

These projects can be incorporated into your program of studies, and used
for a thesis. For volunteers these are fun projects to engage the community
Peace Education Volunteers/ Work Study Students

Creative, independent, task oriented, passion for peace and social justice issues, well organized. Social Media and computer literacy. Flexible schedule. People from a variety of skills social media marketing, art,
business, videography, music, etc. are encouraged to apply.

NPI is a multimedia arts, performance, and education organization that focuses on performance and art for Peace and Social transformation.

Current Projects

1. Be All That You Can Be

18 September 2010 12 noon at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. 4800 people, men and women, children dressed in military clothes or fatigues will gather and walk through the streets of Washington DC with helmets, Army ponchos, each with a 6 foot length of rope, and army boots. Each one of the participants will have the name of the soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They would be walking marching in a single file through the streets of Washington, connected with the rope that is knotted one to another. It moves through the streets of Washington filmed and recorded. They would move towards the Vietnam Memorial and pass in front of the Vietnam Memorial. They would then proceed to an open spot. There is a cauldron or a small vessel placed in the center and the names of each one of the soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are then called out.

I. Pornography of war: Redemption of Love
The pornography of war is a multimedia, photography, drawings, installation, and sculpture project.

II. Peace Gardens: The creation of gardens using old military equipment.

III. CD Peace in Every Land: Songs and stories of peace

IV. Teach Peace: Community projects around the theme of Peace

V. Videos/ Plays

I. Pornography of War

1. Be All That You Can Be

18 September 2010 12 noon at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. 4800 people, men and women, children dressed in military clothes or
fatigues will gather and walk through the streets of Washington DC with helmets, Army ponchos, each with a 6 foot length of rope, and army boots. Each one of the participants will have the name of the soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They would be walking marching in a single file through the streets of Washington, connected with the rope that is knotted one to another. It moves through the streets of Washington filmed and recorded. They would move towards the Vietnam Memorial and pass in front of the Vietnam Memorial. They would then proceed to an open spot. There is a cauldron or a small vessel placed in the center and the names of each one of the soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are then called out.

2. $680 Billion Dollar Penis:
Wall vinyl panels and blow up balloons of penises shaped like ICBMs represent the top 10 to 15 countries around the world and their military expenditure. The USA has the tallest penis at 14 feet tall and represents the approximate 20 to 25% of the US GNP. The US spends app 51% of all global military money – or app 20 -25% of US GNP. The other countries like France, Germany, China, Russia, Israel, Iran, Brazil, etc. are significantly less. Also, the quality of life index i.e. the level of homelessness is in a bar-graph beside it.

3. Make love not war .
a. Make love not war is a series of photos of men, gay and straight, and couples making love. It shows men and women in their uniforms. Taking their uniforms off and making love. Location sites in Washington D.C. and at memorials.

b. Do Ask and Do Tell – For soldiers, airmen, and sailors who are in the service and choose to come out as gay/lesbian. We will photograph and document their coming out.

4. Sculptures and installation

a. Return Home: This is a sculpture about 15 feet long of black sand with impressions of feet and soldiers returning home from war. There are a series of prosthesis marching with boots on, some others without. The bed of black sand is about 2 feet wide

b. Humanite – Life size sculptures using barbed wire. Sketches complete as of 8/10 waiting for studio space.

c. Liberte - Life sized cutouts in colour representing the evolution of the figures in the Humanite series

d. Women of the Veil: Paper Maiche heads 4 feet tall – of 4 Muslim

women with Hjab with eyes shut with barbed wire, mouths taped with duct tape.

5. Drawings and cartoons

a. PENTAGON MAN: Series of cartoons of Pentagon Man the 9 foot tall creature with an ICBM penis.

b. Make Love Not Wall: Drawings and sketches.

6 The Wall:

Recreating the wall of separation in Palestine in a public space like

the Boston Commons.

7 Land Mine Stop

A video had been created The website will have a page dedicated to the Landmine stop. The objective is to have it interactive so that children from around the world

can log on in record the chorus for the song in their own language. The tracks will be mixed down to create a chorus of children from around the world singing "Land Mine Stop." Also, to include photos or videos

of children maimed by Land Mines. The project focuses on the impact of landmines and war on children.

The other component is creating public installation "Land Mine Gardens" in a public space like Boston Commons, etc.

8 Rape the Bitch: Stop Sexual Slavery

Installation project of a brothel to highlight and illustrate the millions of women and children in the international sexual slavery trade. The installation project will consist of creating a “stage set,” of a brothel about

20 x 25 feet with a labyrinth and inside are live model children and their clients. The “bitch” is the indifference and silence of the international community to stop slave traffic.

9 Arms Merchants

Portraits of the leader merchants of war – the largest military contractors,
lobbyists, & US corporations that benefit from the military industry: General
Electric, Lockhead, Boeing, General Motors, Motorola, and the CEO’s of
those corporations.

10 One Hundred Flowers - Translating the poem 100 Flowers of Peace
into 100 languages so far we have ten languages. 90 more to go.

II. Peace Gardens
We have been creating a series of sculptures and designs using old military weapons. For example, the central design is two large cannons surrounded by a spiral helix of helmets. The CAD drawings are complete and the
assistant will help to secure grant support and work with community groups


Though each aspect of “Pornography of War” is a “teachable moment”
the following are specifically as community peace education projects with
children and adults

Cost of War:

Cost of war: Community project with schools, where labels and tags of the
price of war is distributed around a community. For example, the cost of an M 16 is between $10,000 to $15,000.00. What will that cost provide in terms
of education, childcare, healthcare, etc.? An education project for communities and schools.

The War that never was: On the Island of Binga Bonga

Namaya’s children’s story “On the Island of Binga Bonga: The War that never Was,: was made into a children’s play by a colleague Naomi Bennett of Boston who used it as part of her classroom curriculum on conflict resolution
B 4 Peace – Is the proposed children’s curriculum for peace education.

IV. Videos

If there was no more wars, what would the children do
Tommy Got His Gun:
Wake up America:
Amerika Uber Alles: This is on “You tube” currently
How to Make a Child a Suicide Bomber: This is on the website

Land Mine Stop: Already on the website.
Women of the veil: An MTV video to be incorporated into
the new play “Four Profits.”

V Plays

Major General Smedley Butler in 2010: War is a Racquet
A one man play of the two time medal of honor winners condemnation of war.


Project Profile of Dinner Party at the World Economic Forum

We are creating an installation project "Dinner Party at the World Economic Forum" as the description below details. This is interactive project with students and community members, to explore and understand the issues and disparities between first world and Third World communities. In particular, the resources that are available and sustain first world communities, at the expense and to the detriment of Third World countries. It might also be possible to have a fund raising project for www.gracecares for one of our community development programs or another similar group working on issues of community development and economic disparity.

Namaya is a poet, performance artist, and has worked extensively in Third World countries, as well as holding a Masters degree in International Affairs/ Third World World Development. I have also taught graduate classes in Cross Cultural Communications. I will work in tandem and guide the process, as well as helping to facilitate discussions.

If this is of interest, please contact me directly at

Installation Project:
Dinner Party at the World Economic Forum & Third World Village
Interactive project created by a communities &/or college students as a means to discover and explore the issues between First and Third World communities.


At the center of the gallery, two long dining tables and approximately 15 Meters by 15 meters long. A meter to two meters wide.

Surrounding these tables are heavy velvet ropes like at a reception and barbed wire, and surrounded by armed security guards, Blackwater (despite whatever they call themselves.) There are candelabra's made from old machine guns.

An elegant table setting, elegant china, forks and knives. On the table are many of the elements that feed the first world: energy, books, education, medication, minerals, cell phones, computers, military weapons (which they usually sell to the Third World to make their greatest profit), etc... Served in elegant bowls. For example, one study says, the USA consumes 25% of the world but only has 5% of the worlds population.

Each chair/ place setting will be an oil barrel or a barrel of toxic waste, a barrel of chemicals etc..

The waiters are dressed in rags and white gloves, barefoot. They serve the people at the world economic forum. 

The invited guest to the world economic forum are, ultra wealthy, white, black and brown ones, like the Kuwaitis and Saudis.

The men and women are wearing suits and long Arabic style robes. The brand name of their corporations are on their suits and robes.

For example:
General Electric
Citi bank.
Carlyle group
 All the characters who are part of the first world economic forum.  The enactors will be present during the exhibition.


At the other end of the gallery.
Is another village, third world village.
The Third world village is basically open air shack made of tin, bamboo, and scraps.  You are invited in and can have a drink of water from an open well. You can have some food, rice beans and some bread. People cooking out in the open, music playing, maybe there is a latrine there as an open pit. You're welcome to come into the Third World.

There is no security, and you are freely welcome to the Third World

The concept of a Dinner party at the First World Economic Forum and Third World village as a way to bring students and other people into understanding the dynamics of the First World Economic forums, like IMF, Devos, impact on Third World Communities. People are building and creating this project, and keeping a journal video, writing, and other means.
For further information contact:

Qualifications: Motivated, willing to learn, a passion for peace education and art.

My Letters to Sam Clemens, Oscar Wilde and Friends

I had always valued my letters from Sam Clemens, Oscar Wilde, Picasso, Octavio Paz, Salvador Dali, and others. I've decided to gather them in a book, "Letters to Sam Clemens, Oscar Wilde and Friends,"
In the introduction to the book, I made it clear my shameless name dropping is not to drop names but draw attention to the conversation with these artists I’ve had over the years. Vincent, tempestuous with friends, but his letters are elegant and brimming with passion. The letters on "Starry Night," the meditations I've had in front of "The Women in White," "the Gates of Hell by Rodin," the visits with Dali at his museum in Spain, these are the conversations and correspondences with the famous, near famous, and the simple noble people whose names will never appear in a newspaper.
Even my conversations with Jack Kerouac have made their way here. I had grown to appreciate the curious place of Jack in the place of American writers. Like many writers and artists, we are exiles in our own time, intimately alive and brimming with curiosity, but in the pursuit of elusive we must often step outside the realm of the expected norm and pursue our own truth.
Joyce in his love affair and despair of Ireland lived in that sanctuary. Picasso with his insistent curiosity danced in realms few of us could imagine. Rimbaud who disappeared after his fame burned brightly, perhaps descending into the realm of the flowers of evil
That is the imperative for artists…to live, dance, breathe, and savor the realm of the extraordinary intimacy with your soul -- your fears, and imaginings so powerful they threaten to drown you with their beauty. This is this quest, this insistent quest, the imperative to be present with you in the most intimate place possible
Vincent had written, ‘It is not just the colors that inspire my imagination, it is the play of sunlight and light in all its moods that enchants me, as discovery light and the darkness of the human soul. When I painted "The Potato Eaters," the feeble light that illuminated their hut, was as precious and divine as the light when God first brought fire to man. The colours in my paintings are a mere imitation of what I see when I see the fire of colours, feel the as it sweeps across the wheat fields of Arles, and the sirocco winds come with their memory of the desert. Cher poet, can I offer you a taste of these colours for your poems? My colours are filled with the kisses of lovers, with the moist taste of sex, and the poignant longing when lovers part. The blues are painted from my memory of the skies of Arles in late summer, the yellows as if the sunflowers offered their most secret pleasures, and the reds are taken from my blood that I offer to each painting. The colors that are most alluring are the ones that don’t appear, the coarse texture are these peasant hands that caress my lover’s face, the light in the window of a starry night that calls me home after a day of working in the field, these futile conversations with god, and the love… yes, the love in all its ways of being, of absence and presence. Poet, are you able to speak of these longings? “ Vincent.
I heard rumors from friends of his tenuous grip on the day to day, the rages and the tears, but I knew the genesis of this. I knew of the intense loneliness drawn from the eidolon of god posing as a muse. He painted me love sonnets like “Sunflowers” drawn on thick postcards. His last letter was brief , “Dream and live that dream of a life as deeply as you dare. These are the colors i want you to hold in your soul.” Vincent .